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The following tables list the members exposed by CellStyle.

Public Properties
Public PropertyBackColorGets or sets the color used to paint the cell background.  
Public PropertyBackgroundImageGets or sets the style's background image.  
Public PropertyBackgroundImageLayoutGets or sets the a value that determines how the style will scale and position background image.  
Public PropertyBorderGets the CellBorder object associated with this style.  
Public PropertyComboListGets or sets a pipe-delimited list of valid values.  
Public PropertyDataMapGets or sets an System.Collections.IDictionary used to associate cell values with display values.  
Public PropertyDataTypeGets or sets the data type for the style.  
Public PropertyDefinedElementsGets or sets which elements are defined in this style.  
Public PropertyDisplayGets or sets whether to show images, text, or both.  
Public PropertyEditMaskGets or sets the mask string used to edit values.  
Public PropertyEditorGets or sets the custom editor used to edit cells that have this style.  
Public PropertyFontGets or sets the font used to paint text in the cell.  
Public PropertyForeColorGets or sets the color of the text in the cell.  
Public PropertyFormatGets or sets the format string used to display values.  
Public PropertyImageAlignGets or sets the image alignment.  
Public PropertyImageMapGets or sets an System.Collections.IDictionary used to associate cell values with images.  
Public PropertyImageSpacingGets or sets the space between images and text in a cell, in pixels.  
Public PropertyMarginsGets or sets the margins between the edges of the cell and its contents, in pixels.  
Public PropertyNameGets or sets the style name.  
Public PropertySearchBackColorGets or sets the color of the text in the cell.  
Public PropertyStringFormatGets the StringFormat element used for rendering strings when the C1FlexGridBase.UseCompatibleTextRendering property is set to true.  
Public PropertyTextAlignGets or sets the text alignment.  
Public PropertyTextDirectionGets or sets the text direction.  
Public PropertyTextEffectGets or sets the 3D effect used to paint text.  
Public PropertyTrimmingGets or sets how long strings are trimmed to fit the cell.  
Public PropertyUserDataGets or sets arbitrary user data associated with this style.  
Public PropertyWordWrapGets or sets whether long strings should automatically wrap within the cell.  
Public Methods
Public MethodBuildStringOverloaded. Returns a compact string representation of this CellStyle.  
Public MethodClearOverloaded. Clears selected elements from this style.  
Public MethodEqualsDetermines whether two CellStyle objects are equal.  
Public MethodGetContentRectangleGets the content portion of a cell's rectangle.  
Public MethodGetHashCodeServes as the default hash function.  
Public MethodGetImageRectangleGets the image portion of a cell's rectangle.  
Public MethodGetTextRectangleGets the text portion of a cell's rectangle.  
Public MethodMergeWithCopies all elements defined in a source style to this style.  
Public MethodParseStringRebuilds this style based on a description contained in a string.  
Public MethodRenderOverloaded. Renders a string and an image into a System.Drawing.Graphics object using this style.  
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