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The following tables list the members exposed by GridTree.

Public Properties
Public PropertyColumnGets or sets the index of the column where the outline tree is displayed.  
Public PropertyHandleInvisibleChildrenIf True then the collapse/expand button will not be displayed if all children of node are invisible.  
Public PropertyIndentGets or sets the indentation, in pixels, of each tree level.  
Public PropertyLineColorGets or sets the color of the lines in the outline tree.  
Public PropertyLineStyleGets or sets the line style used to draw the outline tree.  
Public PropertyMaximumLevelGets the level of the deepest node in the outline.  
Public PropertyNodeImageCollapsedGets or sets the image displayed next to collapsed nodes.  
Public PropertyNodeImageExpandedGets or sets the image displayed next to expanded nodes.  
Public PropertyStyleGets or sets the style of the outline tree.  
Public Methods
Public MethodClearResets the C1FlexGridBase.Tree object.  
Public MethodShowExpands all nodes up to the specified level, collapses others.  
Public MethodSortOverloaded. Sorts all nodes at the given level.  
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