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The following tables list the members exposed by Node.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCheckedGets or sets the checkbox value associated with this node.  
Public PropertyChildrenGets the number of child nodes under this node.  
Public PropertyCollapsedGets or sets whether this node is collapsed.  
Public PropertyDataGets or sets the data on this node row at the column that contains the outline tree.  
Public PropertyExpandedGets or sets whether this node is expanded.  
Public PropertyFirstChildGets the first child node.  
Public PropertyFirstSiblingGets the first sibling node.  
Public PropertyFirstVisibleChildGets the first visible child node.  
Public PropertyHasVisibleChildrenGets whether any child of node is visible.  
Public PropertyImageGets or sets the image on this node row at the column that contains the outline tree.  
Public PropertyIndexGets the index of this node in the collection.  
Public PropertyKeyGets or sets the RowCol.UserData associated with this node row.  
Public PropertyLastChildGets the last child node.  
Public PropertyLastSiblingGets the last sibling node.  
Public PropertyLevelGets or sets the outline level for this node.  
Public PropertyNextNodeGets the next sibling node.  
Public PropertyNextVisibleNodeGets the next visible sibling node.  
Public PropertyNodesGets an array containing the children of this node.  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent node of this node.  
Public PropertyPrevNodeGets the previous sibling node.  
Public PropertyPrevVisibleNodeGets the previous visible sibling node.  
Public PropertyRowReturns a reference to the Row object that corresponds to this node.  
Public Methods
Public MethodAddNodeOverloaded. Creates a node row at a specified position relative to this node.  
Public MethodEnsureVisibleEnsures that this node is visible, expanding its parent nodes and scrolling it into view if necessary.  
Public MethodGetCellRangeReturns a CellRange object containing this row and all its child rows.  
Public MethodGetNodeReturns a reference to a node located at a given position relative to this node.  
Public MethodMoveOverloaded. Moves a node to a new position.  
Public MethodRemoveNodeRemoves this node row and all its child rows (nodes and data) from the grid.  
Public MethodSelectSelects the node.  
Public MethodSortOverloaded. Sorts this node's child nodes in the specified order.  
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