FlexGrid for WinForms
Using the C1FlexGrid Control

The C1FlexGrid control allows you to display, edit, group and summarize data in a grid format. The grid can be bound to a data source or it can manage its own data.

The C1FlexGrid control has a rich object model with the following elements:

The following topics walk you through the main features in the C1FlexGrid control:

Rows and Columns

Describes how to set up the grid dimensions and layout.

Cell Selection

Describes the concepts of "current cell" and "selection".

Cell Ranges

Describes how to work with a group of cells as a single unit.

Cell Images

Describes how to display images in a cell.

Formatting Cells

Describes how to customize the appearance of the grid by formatting numbers, dates, and Boolean values, or by changing fonts, colors, alignment, and pictures for individual cells or ranges.

Editing Cells

Describes how to implement simple text editing, drop-down lists and combo lists, cell buttons, editing masks, and data validation.

Merging Cells

Describes how to change the grid display so that cells with similar contents are merged, creating "grouped" views that highlight relationships in the data.

Outlining and Summarizing Data

Describes how to add subtotals to grids and how to build outline trees.

Saving, Loading, and Printing

Describes how you can save the contents or formatting of a grid and re-load it later, or exchange grid data with other applications such as Microsoft Access and Excel. This section also shows how you can print grids.

C1FlexGrid Property Groups

Presents a map of the main C1FlexGrid properties cross-referenced by function.

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