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Customizing the Sheet Corner Appearance
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You can customize the appearance of the sheet corner, the header cell in the upper near corner of the sheet, for each sheet. There are several features for customizing the appearance of the graphical user interface (GUI). The operation of the sheet corner follows many of the conventions for working with cells or sheets.

These topics discuss the sheet corner features:

Operational Support

The sheet corner supports XML serialization and deserialization along with sheet. Anything changed in the sheet corner is saved with the Spread when you want to save Spread. Anything changed in the sheet corner after the save can be loaded exactly when you load the Spread.

The sheet corner supports copy and pasting cells between sheets. You can select a sheet by clicking in sheet corner, then press Ctrl +C to copy it and then go to another sheet and press Ctrl +V to paste the sheet and the sheet corner. The setting in the old sheet corner is pasted to the new sheet as shown in this figure.

The sheet corner supports PDF printing and normal printing so you can print the sheet corner along with the sheet.

The underlying models of the sheet corner are exposed through the sheet model property and you can change this model.

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