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In a page report, you can set hyperlinks in the TextBox or Image controls to access a Web page from your report. These hyperlinks open in the default browser of the system.

To add a hyperlink in the Textbox or Image control

  1. Add a Textbox or Image control to the design surface.
  2. With the control selected, under the Properties window, click the Property dialog link to open the respective control's dialog and go to the Navigation page.
    With the control selected, go to the Properties window and click the ellipses near the Action property to open the Navigation page in the dialog.
  3. On the Navigation page, select the Jump to URL radio button to enable the field below it.
  4. Type or use the expression editor to provide a valid Web page address. For example,
  5. Click OK to close the dialog.
  6. In the Properties window, enter text in the Value property of the respective control to set the display text for the Web page hyperlink. For example, GrapeCity PowerTools.

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