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You can create a bullet graph based on aggregated data from the data source. The following steps demonstrate how to create a bullet graph.

These steps assume that you have already added a Page Report template to your project and connected it to a data source. See Adding an ActiveReport to a Project and Connect to a Data Source for more information.

  1. From the Visual Studio toolbox, drag a drop Table control onto the design surface.
  2. From the Visual Studio toolbox, drag a Bullet control onto the detail row of the table and in the properties window, set its Value property to a numeric field (like =Fields!SalesAmount.Value). This Value property is used to define the key measure displayed on the graph.
  3. With the Bullet control selected on the design surface:
    • Set its Target Value property to 200. This property defines a target for the Value to be compared to.
    • Set its Best Value property to 500 and the Worst Value property to 0. The Best Value and Worst Value properties define the value range on the graph.
    • You can also optionally encode the segments on the graph as qualitative ranges indicating bad, satisfactory and good sections.
      • The Range1Boundary property defines a value for the bad/satisfactory boundary on the graph. Set this property to 150.
      • The Range2Boundary property defines a value for the satisfactory/good boundary on the graph. Set this property to 300.
    • You can also optionally define the Interval property for the graph value range. So, set this property to 100.
  4. Go to the Preview tab to view the bullet graph you have added to your report.
    As the bullet graph is based on aggregated data, you get a stack of bullet graphs indicating the Sales Amount value for different customers.

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