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Create a Whisker Sparkline
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You can use a whisker Sparkline to render “win/loss/tie” scenarios (for example, sport statistics) or “true/false” scenarios (for example, was the sales goal met or was the temperature above average), based on the numeric data from a data set.

The bars in a whisker sparkline render below the baseline for a negative value, above the baseline for a positive value and on the baseline for a zero value, for example, in a "profit/loss/no profit, no loss" scenario.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a whisker sparkline. These steps assume that you have already added a Page Report template to your project, connected it to a data source and added a dataset. See Adding an ActiveReport to a Project, Connect to a Data Source and Add a Dataset for more information.

Note: These steps use the AccountsChartData table from the Reels database. The sample Reels.mdb database file is located in the [User Documents folder]\ComponentOne Samples\ActiveReports Developer 7\Data folder.
  1. From the Visual Studio toolbox, drag a Sparkline control onto the design surface.
  2. With the sparkline selected on the design surface, go to the properties window and:
    • Set the Sparkline Type property to Whiskers.
    • Set the SeriesValue property to a numeric field (like =Fields!RollUp.Value) from the connected data set.
    • Set the FillStyle/FillColor property to Red.
  3. Go to the Preview tab to view the whisker sparkline.

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