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Quickly begin using ActiveReports by reviewing some of the most commonly used features.

This section contains information about

Adding ActiveReports Controls
Learn how to add ActiveReports controls to the toolbox in Visual Studio.
Adding an ActiveReport to a Project
Learn how to add an ActiveReport to a Visual Studio project. Also in this section, learn about the different types of reports and how to add code or script to each.
Adding a Data Source to a Report
Learn about the different ways that you can add data to each type of report, and where to find more information on each.
Viewing Reports 
Learn how to preview a report at design time or view it in Windows Form, Web or Silverlight Viewers.
Adding an ActiveReports Application
Learn how to add an ActiveReports application to the Visual Studio project and avoid additional implementation rendering the report in the Viewer.

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Welcome to ActiveReports Developer 7
Welcome to ActiveReports Developer 7

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