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Shrink Text to Fit in a Control
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In ActiveReports Developer, when working with the Textbox control in a page report or a TextBox or Label control in a section report, you can use the ShrinkToFit property to reduce the size of the text so that it fits within the bounds of the control. The text shrinks at runtime, so you can see the reduced font size when you preview, print or export the report.

The following image illustrates the result when the ShrinkToFit property is set to True on Title.

You can use other text formatting properties in combination with the ShrinkToFit property.

Caution: When both CanGrow and ShrinkToFit are set to True, CanGrow setting is ignored and only ShrinkToFit is applied to the report.

Export Support

While exporting a report, various file formats handle ShrinkToFit differently.

ShrinkToFit gets exported in all formats except Text. While rendering a page report using rendering extensions, ShrinkToFit is not supported in XML. However, all other rendering extensions allow ShrinkToFit display as it is. See Rendering for more on rendering extensions.

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