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If you run into an issue while using ActiveReports, you will probably find the solution within this section. Click any short description below to drop down the symptoms, cause, and solution. Or click a link to another section of the troubleshooting guide.

This topic will guide you through the following procedures:

General Troubleshooting

References missing from Visual Studio Add Reference dialog

Errors after installing a new build

The project does not work if Integrated Managed Pipeline Mode is enabled

GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Interop64.v8.dll is not available in the default "Add Reference" dialog

Reports are not associated with the designer in Visual Studio when adding ActiveReports to a TFS-bound project

The SystemNotSupportedException occurs when running ActiveReports with scripts on .NET Framework 4.0

Microsoft Access OLE DB provider in a 64-bit system

The printing thread dies before the report finishes printing

Exception thrown when using Viewer.Print to print a report

ActiveReports controls do not appear in the toolbox 

Section Report Troubleshooting

Blank pages printed between pages, or a red line appears in the viewer

Copying reports results in stacked controls

No data appears in a report containing the OleObject control

An error message appears in the Fields list

An unhandled exception of type "System.Data..." occurs when the report is run

User is prompted for parameters for subreports even though they are supplied by the main report

The viewer shows the report on the wrong paper size

Custom paper sizes do not work

Page Report Troubleshooting

An expression containing a numeric field name does not display any data at run time.

DataSet field in PageHeader and PageFooter of a CPL report

Exception thrown when using Viewer.Document property

Cannot add assembly reference created in .NET Framework 4.0 or above in PageReports

Flash Viewer Troubleshooting

Swfobject undefined error

IOError while loading document. Error #2032

FireFox displays white pages

Cannot load an rdf file in Flash Viewer using client scripting

Silverlight Viewer Troubleshooting

JScript error while using the Silverlight Viewer in Silverlight 5

Pan Mode does not work if the Silverlight viewer is placed in layout panels

Cannot load an rdf file in Silverlight Viewer

WPF Viewer Troubleshooting

TargetInvocationException occurs when running the WPF browser application 

Memory Troubleshooting

The report is not being disposed of properly

Machine.Config MemoryLimit setting is insufficient

Report never finishes processing

Task manager indicates the current "working set" of the process

WebViewer Troubleshooting

The WebViewer will not print without displaying the report

The report is not getting updated with new data, or the page number stays the same

PDF opens in a new window when an application contains the WebViewer

The report in the HTML viewer type does not look exactly like the other viewer types

Blank reports with the AcrobatReader viewer type on the production web server

Help Troubleshooting

ActiveReports 8 Help is not updated in Visual Studio 2010 after the new service pack installation

Pressing the F1 key does not open ActiveReports 8 Help in Visual Studio 2010

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