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Allowing the Display of Buttons in a Cell
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You can allow or restrict the display of buttons in cells that are the specific graphical cell types that allow buttons. Use the FpSpread ButtonDrawMode property to set the limits on where buttons can be displayed. These refer to primary buttons, such as those found in these cell types:

Secondary buttons refer to those buttons in the cell that are part of the control that allow you to change values in the cell, such as the spin buttons or the drop-down arrow in a combo box.

For more details on possible settings, refer to the ButtonDrawModes enumeration.

For details on setting the display of primary and secondary buttons as part of a cell’s appearance, see the Appearance class DrawPrimaryButton property and DrawSecondaryButton property.

You can also make use of the FpSpread ButtonClicked event.

For more information about cell types that allow buttons to be drawn in a cell, refer to Working with Graphical Cell Types.

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