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The Walkthroughs section of the User Guide provides you with step-by-step tutorials that you can follow as you create projects in Visual Studio. These walkthroughs cover the key features of Page Reports and Section Reports in different scenarios. The walkthroughs progress from basic through advanced for Standard and Professional Editions of ActiveReports.

Page Report Walkthroughs

Learn the dynamic features in page reports, through easy to implement scenarios for Fixed Page Layout (FPL) and Continuous Page Layout (CPL) report types.

General Page Report Walkthroughs

Custom Data Provider

Reports with XML Data

BandedList Reports

Matrix Reports

Master Detail Reports

Expressions in Reports

Recursive Hierarchy Reports

Reports with Parameterized Queries

Reports with Custom Code

Reports with Stored Procedures

Charts in a Page Report

Interactive Reports

Custom Web Exporting

Fixed Page Layout (FPL) Walkthroughs

Single Layout Reports

Overflow Data in Multiple Pages

Overflow Data in a Single Page

Collate Multiple Copies of a Report

Continuous Page Layout (CPL) Walkthroughs

Subreport in a CPL Report

Columnar Layout Reports (CPL)

Section Report Walkthroughs

Use the walkthroughs under this section to understand key features of a section report through simple scenarios.

Basic Data Bound Reports

Basic XML-Based Reports (RPX)

Address Labels

Columnar Reports

Overlaying Reports (Letterhead)

Chart Walkthroughs

Custom HTML Outputter

Custom Web Exporting (Std Edition)

Group On Unbound Fields

Subreport Walkthroughs

Mail Merge with RichText

Run Time or Ad Hoc Reporting

Layout Files with Embedded Script

Basic Spreadsheet with SpreadBuilder

Web Services (Standard Edition)

Professional Edition Walkthroughs

Creating a Basic End User Report Designer (Pro Edition)

Customizing the Flash Viewer UI

Customizing the HTML Viewer UI

General Walkthroughs

WPF Viewer

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