ActiveReports 8
What's New

ActiveReports 8 contains many new features along with the popular ActiveReports engine and report viewers.

Map Data Region

The Map data region is a new Professional Edition feature that is available in Page Reports. Add a map to your page report to show your business data against a geographical background. You can select different types of map, depending on the type of information you want to communicate in your report.


The Map data region key features include:

Learn More | Work with Map |Reports with Map |Add a Custom Tile Provider

WPF Viewer

The WPF control no longer uses the WindowsFormsHost control internally to display report output.

Learn More | Using the WPF Viewer


Learn More | Barcode |FPL Report Loader Sample | Layout Loader Sample

Windows 8 Multi-touch Support for Windows Viewer

ActiveReports now provides touch support for the Windows Viewer. With the flexibility to interact with the Viewer using simple touch gestures, now you can install ActiveReports on any touch enabled Windows device and view the reports anywhere you are.


Using the Viewer | Customize the Viewer Control

HTML5 Viewer

The HTML5 Viewer is a Javascript component that you can use in various web applications to preview reports hosted on ActiveReports 8 Server or ActiveReports 8 Web Service.

The HTML5 Viewer provides 3 types of UI options - mobile UI, desktop UI, and custom UI. You can easily switch between these types by using the HTML5 Viewer public API methods and properties.

Using the HTML5 ViewerWorking with HTML5 Viewer using Javascript

Improved Rendering support in HTML Viewer

The HTML Viewer now supports rendering of the following.

HTML Export  

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